We are Interactive1, pleased to meet you!

Our company help organisations to execute their ideas and grow their business through usage of advanced IT technologies. We develop internet software and build all kinds of web, mobile and network applications.

We are a group of seasoned engineers and developers, dedicated to finding creative and effective solutions to the problems of our clients. We consider complex (and sometimes even awkward) problems a challenge, not an obstacle, and we take the word „impossible“ as an insult.

Technology is in the heart of our interests, we love technology, it almost obsesses us. We want to know where it's heading, what are the new trends, new tools, and what new opportunities they create. In the moment of honesty, we'll admit those are our new toys. And if it makes us geeks, so be it.

Our close relationship with technology allows us to always find better and more efficient solutions. If something cane be done faster, better, or cheaper, we'll certainly know it.

We share our expertise with technology to our clients, in attempt to find the best and most efficient solution for their business.

Business improvement through usage of technology is in the core of all our projects. Our creativity and our „geekness“ always serves business improvements. Technology is the driver of efficiency, and our goal is to see our clients grow and prosper.

We believe in open, fair and partnering relations with our clients, and we've got some client relationships lasting for 15+ years to prove it.


  • London

    As Internet quickly moves transforms from interesting new phenomenon to business oriented platform, 3 young entrepreneurs formed Interactive1, the company whose mission is to help financial organisations extend their reach to web. That same year Interactive1 has already delivered first products to London City companies.

  • London

    Interactive1 receives its first investment from 3i, one of the largest joint venture capital funds in Europe. The money is used to finance global expansion to US and Italian market.


    Interactive1 Group forms a company in Croatia, whick quickly becomes main research and development centre.

  • London

    Despite the recession, that hit IT sector especially hard, 3i grants another round of investment to Interactive1. Investment is used for restructuring and further development of its products range.

  • Zagreb and London

    Managers from Croatian branch of Interactive1 buy out all shares from founders and 3i, and Interactive1 Group becomes fully owned by Step4 from Zagreb.

  • Zagreb and London

    Partnering with then largest independent B2B marketing agency Tidalwave, Interactive1 forms TWConnect (today iThe Connect Group), company specialized for delivering of highly sophisticated orchestrated digital campaigns.

  • Today

    Interactive1 as a software development company serves its clients in EU, UK, and US.


Tomisav Uršić

Big boss

Ever since early ZX Spectrum days some 35 years ago, Tomislav is fascinated by all things digital. Professionally his career path led from technician, software developer, system architect, CTO and finally to the position of CEO of Interactive1.

As Tomislav is an engineer and technologist by both education and vocation, he occasionally uses his executive’s privilege to personally participate in interesting development projects.

When he isn’t working, you may find Tomislav hiking or biking, or in the audience of an obscure rock band gig.

Vlado Banda

Boss of technology

Vlado has over 20 years of professional experience in IT, although his early programming efforts started inn mid 80s with the advent of microcomputers.

In his early days he developed computer games and interactive presentations, which led him to his 1st “real“ job – in 1992 he became a CTO of the first IT magazine which was published exclusively in digital form in this part of Europe.

Few years later he created and produced TV show about the internet which was aired on national TV, first one that was completely created and edited digitally.

In the year 200 he joined Interactive1 where he worked as developer and software architect working on large projects for clients like 3Com, NEC, Cisco, Kingston. Today he’s leading the software development team.

Vlado speaks fluently Java, Javascript, Python, PHP, Perl, Swift, C, C++, C#, Obj-C, Pascal, Fortran, Basic, various machine codes (RISC+microcontrollers, 680×0, Z80, 6502), and of course all things web related – HTML, CSS, and all major presentational frameworks.

Vlado led the team of developers that created Interactive1’s iPad digital publishing framework.

Among things that make him especially proud is his work from 2011, when he participated in the task force of 28 other participants from Google, Mozilla and other organisations that created standards for HTML5 support for gaming.

If he isn’t programming, meet him at one of vintage computer shows that he as a collector organizes with his colleagues from Peek&Poke museum that he cofounded.

Jadran Bižić

Boss of web applications

Jadran can code, but he can’t come up with exciting CV.

During the years, he collected a respectable amount of technologies – HTML, JS, CSS, PHP, asp.net (C#, and a bit of VB as he was coerced to it). Once he encountered the dreaded Python on the road…

Duško Štampalija

Boss of infrastructure

Dusko is a sysadmin and more. He manages Interactive1’s servers, networks and security, and also for some of our clients. His expertise covers security, server platforms and application server software, databases and operating systems. Before joining Interactive1, he worked on industry process automatisation.

Ivica Filipčić

Software architect

“I am just a man in the back.” 

Nenad Iljadica

System architect

#c64 #basic #asembler #FER #cobol #pascal #fortran #erp #dbms #c++ #microcontroller #OOD #java #virtual_reality #web #j2ee #design_pattern #html #javascript #cms #android #system_architecture #project_management #scrum


Software developer

Danijel has over 15 years in web development. His skills and interests include: #html #css #php #csharp #vb #sql #wordpress #bootstrap #js #jquery #backbone #angular #photoshop #illustrator #uxdesign #typography #webstandards

Antonio Marić

Software developer

Antonio is a front end developer, and he spends his days in Interactive1 implementing CMS systems, building beautiful presentation pages, and user interfaces. His tools of the trade are HTML/CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, WordPress, Adobe.

In his free time, he loves 3d modelling using Autodesk Maya and Unity 3d, but also a bit of soccer, tennis and skiing.


Good fairy

Jack of trades – master of none
: a person who can do passable work at various tasks but is not an expert in any of them.  


Software developer

Ivan is a front-end developer. His everyday routine includes WordPress, Drupal and Magento development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP technologies and tools. He is also familiar with Adobe suite of graphic applications.

In his free time he enjoys riding bike with his son and swimming.

Ivica Gunjača

Software developer

Ivica is a senior back end developer. He uses mainly Java, SQL and various other server side technologies. He worked on some high-profile GIS systems. But to avoid the monotony, he sometimes do a bit of Android or iOS development too.

We’re looking for talents!

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